U.S./world – Selling the elderly – $16M for AARP

Senior citizens are a lucrative market for the AARP and other lobbying groups that raise millions of dollars by playing to seniors’ fears, and then raise millions more by selling donors’ names and addresses to third parties, the Associated Press reported July 25.

Six senior groups generated at least $18.8 million last year by renting their mailing lists, with a for-profit AARP unit getting $16 million to share the names of its more than 24 million members with mutual fund, credit card and insurance firms it endorses, AP said.

The lists, for example, are a key revenue source for the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, which raised $27.6 million from donors last year, including $1.3 million generated from rented lists, spokesman Robert Mahaffey told AP.

Other senior lobbies that rented donors lists, and the revenues the rentals generated, AP said, include the Senior Citizens League, $417,161; United Seniors Association, $1614,587; The Seniors Coalition, $481,335; and the 60 Plus Association, $35,110.

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