Nonprofit toil – Career choices

Working in the nonprofit world can be a mixed blessing, the Los Angeles Times reported Aug. 5.

Wages can be low, offices shabby, supplies inadequate, fundraising constant, rejections of requests for support frequent and daily job demands unpredictable, the Times said.

Nonprofit workers also can expect burnout, slow decision-making, high turnover among employees and erratic performance by volunteers.

To help offset low pay, the Times said, a growing number of nonprofits are giving bonuses to veteran employees and letting senior staff do higher-paying consulting a few days a month.

Demand is high among nonprofits for corporate veterans trained in fundraising, financial planning, information technology and marketing and publicity.

Despite the frustrations, however, many nonprofit employees wouldn’t miss the work because it can provide fulfillment, contentment and gratification, the Times said.

For full story, go to the Los Angeles Times.

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