U.S./world – Wildlife smackdown – Charity wins fight

The World Wildlife Fund has won a court fight with the World Wrestling Federation over rights to use WWF, the Associated Press reported Aug. 10.

Conceding it might cost the wrestling group up to $50 million to change its logo, the court ruled that it had broken a 1994 agreement with the conservation group limiting its use of the initials.

The wildlife group had argued that the worldwide exposure for wrestling had gown because of TV and the Internet, resulting in greater use of the initials by the federation, AP said.

Charging that the wrestling federation, with a Web address of wwf.com, had busted their deal, the wildlife fund, with a Web address of wwf.org, went to court to get its trademark rights enforced.

The court said the wrestling group could have limited use of the initials in the U.S. but no longer could use that Web address.

The wrestling group said the ruling was wrong and that it would appeal.

For full story, go to MSNBC.

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