Notices for 8-23-01

  • Ten Thousand Villages, located in Cameron Village in Raleigh, North Carolina, is sponsoring “School Kits for 3rd World Kids”. They will be collecting school kits that will be sent to school-aged children around the world, including the U.S till September 7, 2001. For more information, call 919-821-1100
  • The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University is creating its second academic chair in International Healthcare Philanthropy.
  • The Institute On Governance (Ottawa, Canada) is seeking 30 Canadian nonprofit organizations to participate in research designed to strengthen governance of nonprofit organizations. Participants will be required to commit their CEO and at least 75% of their board members to completing the Governance Self-Assessment Checklist (GSAC). The checklist usually requires about 45 minutes to complete, and is used to provide board members with a profile of their own perceptions of how effectively they are governing their organization. Its main purpose is to identify challenges and to encourage dialogue within the board and between the board and CEO. In return for participating in this project, each board will receive, free of charge, a written interpretive report providing an in-depth analysis of the strengths in their current approach to governance as well as aspects that may need improvement. This report will include a comparison of the average responses of their organization to general norms based on the responses of other organizations drawn from a database now being developed by the Institute. Boards interested in participating are encouraged to contact Mel Gill, at, or by phone at (613) 837-8757 or 562-0090. Some of the background research on this instrument as well as an abbreviated version, the ‘Governance Effectiveness Quick Check’, is available from the Institute web site:

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