U.S./world – Reviving faith plan – School programs backed

While focusing most of his attention on fighting terrorism, President Bush continues to push Congress to approve his plan to expand federal funding for religious charities that provide social services.

Bush aides said the crisis stemming from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon would help them revive Bush’s initiative, which has been stuck in the Senate because of fears it would unconstitutionally mix church and state, The Washington Post reported Sept. 25.

To win passage of tax credits to spur charitable giving, the Post said, Bush aides are considering holding up the controversial “charitable choice” parts of the plan that would let government-funded charities push their religion.

In a related move, House and Senate leaders agreed to make federal funds available to community groups, including religious groups, to expand before-school and after-school programs, Reuters reported Sept. 25.

For full story, go to The Washington Post and Northern Light.

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