UCP on move – Foundation created

By Todd Cohen

RALEIGH, N.C. — UCP of North Carolina, formerly United Cerebral Palsy, has created a foundation that is planning a capital campaign to raise $5 million through planned giving and major gifts.

The goal is to create a continuing source of income, particularly in the face of uncertainties about the economy, says Lucia Peel, the foundation’s executive director.

The foundation also is part of a strategic shift at UCP, says Connie Cochran, executive director of UCP of North Carolina.

“Our philosophy nationwide is that we service one person at a time,” he says. “We’re moving to tailoring supports around children and adults, as opposed to finding existing programs to meet their needs.”

UCP of North Carolina serves more than 500 people a day with services ranging from 11 child-care centers for children with and without disabilities; 12 group homes for people with physical disabilities; supported living for people in apartments; support for families; support for children with special needs in foster families; job assistance for people with disabilities; and five print shops that employ people with disabilities.

The Raleigh-based group, one of 133 affiliates of UCP throughout the U.S., employs 450 people, and raises 4 percent to 6 percent of its $16 million annual budget through donations and grants.

UCP of North Carolina has pledged to give its foundation $600,000 in bequests it has received in the past four years, Cochran says.

Foundation board members include Jim Goodmon, president of Capitol Broadcasting and president of the A.J. Fletcher Foundation (which publishes Nonprofitxpress); lawyer Mark Holt, a partner in Kirby & Holt; and Mort Congleton, a member of the Raleigh City Council and outgoing president UCP of North Carolina board.

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