Focus on development – Diversifying resources

By Todd Cohen

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The Mental Health Association in Forsyth County aims to strengthen its fundraising.

With a two-year grant of $70,678 from the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust in Winston-Salem, the group plans to hire a development director and diversify its sources revenue.

The goal is to be prepared for tough economic times and avoid depending too heavily on individual funding sources, says Andy Hagler, the group’s executive director.

“We’re trying to take more of a pro-active approach,” he says.

The United Way provides roughly three-fourths of the $250,000 annual budget for the group, which raised another $16,000 through direct-mail appeals in the fiscal year that ended July 30.

The group also received about $6,000 from the Dick Gooley Golf Challenge it holds each May in partnership with the Group Home of Forsyth County and the Enrichment Center ARC chapter.

The Mental Health Association promotes mental health through advocacy, education, outreach and support services.

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