U.S./world – Red Cross woes – Pressure from board

Bernadette Healy has quit as president of the American Red Cross, saying the board forced her out, The New York Times reported Oct. 27.

She said the board was upset because she backed Israel’s joining the International Committee of the Red Cross, but she also has been rapped for her response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, including collecting too much blood, some of which could not be used, the Times said.

Her resignation, effective Dec. 31, also comes in the face of organizational confusion that has knotted the distribution of $350 million to victims of the Sept. 11 attacks, the Times reported Oct. 28.

Delay in handing out relief stem from a handful of problems, the Times said, including the group’s inability to find out quickly whether applicants are kin of victims; disorganized records; a steady stream of changing instructions from management; and turnover among volunteers.

Those problems, the Times said, suggest flaws in the overall philanthropic response to the terrorist attacks because of “a vast and largely decentralized effort involving a tangle of established and new charities, many of them straining to manage the unprecedented volume of generosity from individual and corporate donors.”

Contributions to the relief effort now exceed $1.1 billion, The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported Oct. 29.

For full story, go to Healy quits, internal turmoil and Chronicle of Philanthropy.

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