Charity roundup – Bush faith plan – Muslim charity closes

Here’s our weekly roundup of the top nonprofit news:

The White House is pushing Congress to okay new tax breaks for charitable giving before the end of the year, the Associated Press reported Dec. 5.

President Bush froze the assets of the biggest Muslim charity in the U.S., The New York Times reported Dec. 4.

In response, big corporate donors said they would block contributions to the foundation, and its Washington, D.C., law firm said it could not represent the foundation in trying to reclaim the frozen assets, the Times reported Dec. 10.

Canada joined the U.S. in freezing the financial assets of Muslim groups, The Toronto Star reported Dec. 5.

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, which controls 10.4 percent of share’s in Hewlett-Packard, said it will vote against the company’s $25 billion deal to merge with Compaq Computer Corp., a move that experts said could kill the deal, The Washington Post reported Dec. 8.

A group of private foundations said they expect to commit $100 million in new funding for a five-year demonstration project to link prevention and care of HIV-AIDS in developing countries in  Africa, Asia and Latin America.

A report by the Council of New Jersey Grantmakers, the first ever on New Jersey philanthropy, says individuals in the state donate nearly $1,500 a year to charity, 13 percent more than the national average. More than 1,600 private foundations donate nearly $1 billion, while corporations donate $40.5 million.

A survey by the California Endowment of 413 nonprofits that deliver “safety net” services to low-income  Californians found a $25 million decline in donations, while each group on average lost $62,000, or a total of nearly $300 million, the Los Angeles Times reported Dec. 5.

A survey by The Donors Forum in Miami found that foundations in Palm Beach County grew to 634 in 2000 from 478 in 1997, while their assets grew to more than $3.8 billion from $2.1 billion, the Palm Beach Post reported Dec. 1.

Worth magazine has published its annual list of the 100 Best Charities.

The Charity Commission has published a list of the oldest active charities in England and Wales.

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