Charity roundup – Salvation Army woes – eBay auction falls short

In the nonprofit news this week:

* The Salvation Army raised more than $60 million to help victims of the Sept. 11 attacks, but the charity was overwhelmed with bills from thousands of families, which are finding their bills never got paid, The New York Times reported Jan. 5.

* Online auction site eBay, which hoped to raise $100 million in 100 days through charity auctions to support victims of the Sept. 11 attacks, raised only $10 million, The Wall Street Journal reported Jan. 7.

* A survey by The Chronicle of Philanthropy found that the 10 largest gifts to charity in 2001 fell to $4.6 billion from $11.08 billion a year earlier, The Washington Post reported Dec. 31.

* A survey by Deutsche Bank found that endowment funds, pension funds and other institutional investors are turning to hedge-fund investments, HedgeWorld reported Dec. 28.

* Nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay Area are preparing themselves for layoffs and service cuts after a slow end-of-year giving season, The Mercury News in San Jose reported Dec. 30.

* Vanguard and Calvert both have launched socially screened investment funds, The New York Times reported Jan. 6.

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