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Charity roundup – Tech toil – Beyond fundraising


Here are this week’s nonprofit headlines:

Nonprofit tech workers are paid less and work harder than their counterparts in the for-profit world, The Dallas Morning News reported Dec. 2.

A new study finds that British charities increasingly are use technology not just for fundraising and marketing but also to give constituents a greater voice in their work, and to communicate better with them, the Guardian reported Jan. 8.

The San Diego Symphony, which has been financially strapped, is getting a $100 million endowment from Irwin Jacobs, chairman and chief executive of wireless firm Qualcomm, and his wife, Joan, The New York Times reported Jan. 11.

After a tough childhood, Wendy’s International founder Dave Thomas, who died Jan. 8, became a caring philanthropist, the Orlando Sentinel reported Jan. 9.

The Sept. 11th Fund has raised $404 million and handed out $154.3 million to support victims, families and communities hurt by the terrorist attacks, The Wall Street Journal reported Jan. 11.

The Bush administration has frozen the assets of two charities that claim to be humanitarian agencies, saying they channeled money to Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden’s terrorist network, The New York Times reported Jan. 10.

The former head of Greenpeace who headed its fight against genetically modified crops has taken a job for a public relations firm that represents Monsanto, a giant of genetic modification, Britain’s Independent reported Jan. 8.

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