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Stewardship training – ‘Going it alone’


Business-school MBA programs are not delivering the training in social and environmental issues that business leaders want, a new study says.

Many schools have backed research, created faculty chairs and launched or expanded centers in “sustainable enterprise” and “stewardship,” says Beyond Grey Pinstripes, the study by the World Resources Institute in Washington, D.C., and The Aspen Institute Initiative for Social Innovation through Business in New York.

Still, the study says, progress in MBA stewardship training is mainly the work of “dedicated faculty” who are “going it alone.”

MBA faculty teaching social and environmental issues give them an “A-“ in importance but say their schools’ programs fall far short of that grade, while students wanting those programs give faculty a “D+” for how often they raise social and environmental issues in required courses.

Most MBA schools do not integrate social and environmental issues into their core curriculum, the study says.

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