9/11 boosted online giving

The September 11th attacks prompted an increase in online giving, USA Today reported March 19.

Charities received $150 million from online donations, or 10 percent of an estimated $1.5 billion in individual donations for relief efforts, according to a study co-sponsored by the AOL Time Warner Foundation. 

Before the attacks, online giving accounted for less than one percent of U.S. charitable giving.

The American Red Cross and other charities, through the helping.org Web site, received 12,000 donations totaling $1.26 million just three days after the attacks.

Liberty Unites, a Web site created by AOL, Microsoft and other groups based on a proposal by President Bush in response to September 11th, received $14.8 in donations from 120,000 donors after one month.

The Association of Fundraising Professionals estimates that 18 percent of its 25,000 members participate in online fundraising, but that number is expected to rise because of the new focus in online giving, USA Today said.

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