Fundraising strong, despite woes

The Sept. 11 attacks and slow economy last year generally did not curb growth fundraising, which is expected to increase again this year, a new survey says.

Led by social-services and religious groups, nearly 60 percent of charities reported raising more money in 2001 than in 2002, while another 10 percent said they raised the same amount, according to the survey by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Nearly 30 percent said they did not raise as much.

Charities reported growth in all types of fundraising techniques, with big increases in major gifts and Internet and online contributions.

Only environmental groups did not report fundraising growth, although AFP said response to the survey from those groups was not statistically significant.

More than 20 percent of groups responding to the survey said 16 percent or more of donors gave to their organizations for the first time in 2001, while more than a third of groups said 10 percent or more of donors who had given previously increased their giving.

Nearly 60 percent of groups responding to the survey said they expected giving to increase this year, while nearly 30 percent said it would be flat.

Sixty-five percent of social-services groups expect increases this year, while only 49 percent of arts and cultural groups expect increases.

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