Sectors teaming up more

Business, government and charity are working together more closely in the face of increasingly critical and challenging social problems, a new report says.

Driven by technological advances, economic competition, globalization, regionalism and other social and political forces, all three sectors are changing the way they work and helping to shape the other sectors, says “Working Together Better,” the report by the Three Sector Initiative, a group of seven organizations representing business, government and nonprofits.

Business, for example, has developed and used new technologies that have helped produce a “highly competitive, turbo-charged, equity-driven performance culture,” while government has increasingly looked to nonprofits to achieve social goals, the report says.

And faced with growing competition among themselves and from business, along with expectations that they do more with less and be more accountable for the support they receive, nonprofits are working to strengthen their internal operations, or “capacity,” the report says.

“Cross-sector collaboration today is required not only to tackle complex public problems that no one sector can handle alone,” the report says, “but also to better understand and redefine the relationships and strategies of the three sectors.”

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