Nonprofitxpress roundup – Bear market bites nonprofits

Compiled by Donnie Stanley

Here are the latest nonprofit headlines:

*With the sharp decline of their investment returns since 2000, many nonprofits are finding it harder to supplement their budgets, and are receiving lower donations from wealthy individuals and foundations, The Associated Press reported May 29.

*Vivendi Universal CEO Jean-Marie Messier is increasing his involvement in New York City philanthropies, while critics in France are attacking his management style and abandonment of French roots, The New York Times reported May 28.

*A new web site, Charity Navigator, rates the financial data of 1,100 nonprofits based on their tax forms to help would-be donors understand and compare financial activity among charities, The Boston Globe reported May 28.

*Future Foundation, a British research organization, has launched a think-tank for volunteer and community groups that will provide information about brand management, fundraising and information technology to nonprofits, The Guardian Unlimited reported May 23.

*With an increase in little-known foundations that give big-money awards, critics say most of the awards are used as marketing tools and not as an efficient use of resources, The New York Times reported May 25.

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