Ads spur California giving

More than half of California’s nonprofits met or beat their year-end fundraising goals for 2001 as a result of a public-awareness campaign launched in early December by a statewide coalition of philanthropic groups, a survey says.

Nearly 54 percent of 222 nonprofits responding to the survey raised $106,000 more on average in 2001 than they did in 2000, says the survey by LaFrance Associates.

And the 43 percent of responding nonprofits that reported a decline raised only $16,000 less on average than they did in 2000.

Overall, the 222 nonprofits raised roughly $117 million in 2001, compared to $119 million in 2000.

The remaining 3 percent reported their fundraising in 2001 was flat.

Of 242 individual donors who responded to the survey, more than 54 percent reported giving more than $500 to local charities, and only 11 percent reported giving $100 or less.

Nearly 32 percent of the 222 nonprofits surveyed reported adding 52 corporate donors on average each in 2001, and 47 percent reported adding 85 new individual donors on average each.

California Cares, the coalition led by The California Endowment, launched the awareness drive after an earlier survey of 413 nonprofits found they faced year-end deficits totaling $25 million combined, plus an increase of 20 percent to 40 percent in demand for their services because of the slumping economy and aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks.

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