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Dec 31, 2003

A.J. Fletcher Foundation: Partners

Partners of the

Dec 31, 2003

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Dec 31, 2003

Letter to the editor – Focus schools on academics

To the editor,

I really take issue with your "opinion" article, " Wrong signal to donors " [Philanthropy Journal, 12/22/03].

How can you say that the teaching of abstinence is misguided and imply that "honest" discussion about birth control and homosexuality somehow is not?

Dec 31, 2003

Kids group growing

By Todd Cohen

SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. -- Boosted by a capital drive that raised $1.8 million, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Sandhills plan to add three to four clubs throughout Moore County over the next five years.

“We’ll strategically put Boys & Girls Clubs where kids from other communities can have easy access,” says Hoyt Bynum, executive director.

Dec 31, 2003

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Dec 31, 2003

Guest column – Wrong way on health

By Robin H. Allen

Community leaders should be concerned about the new Wake County health education policy [" Wrong signal to donors " , Philanthropy Journal, 12/22/03].

It requires teachers, counselors and nurses in the schools to repeat a litany of 11 messages when any “sexual issue” comes up.

Although reasonable people can disagree, there is nothing reasonable about this draconian measure that requires a counselor to talk abstinence to a child seeking help for sexual abuse. This is censorship.

Dec 31, 2003

Schools don’t prepare kids

Abstinence policy fails to equip teens for real world.

By Barbara Goodmon

The Wake County school board has voted to return to solely teaching "abstinence until marriage."

Whether to teach abstinence-until-marriage only, or comprehensive sex education stressing abstinence as the best practice, has supporters on both sides who can make very convincing arguments -- morally and intellectually.

Furthermore, while we lack definitive data quantifying the impact of 

Dec 31, 2003

Welcome to the new Philanthropy Journal

The A.J.

Dec 31, 2003

A.J. Fletcher Foundation — An overview

Alfred Johnston Fletcher, founder and president of
Capitol Broadcasting Co. Inc. in Raleigh, N.C., created the A.J. Fletcher Foundation in the late 1940’s as a supporting fund for an opera company he established, now the A.J. Fletcher Opera Institute at the N.C. School of the Arts in Winston-Salem.

Dec 30, 2003

Nonprofits scrambling

By Todd Cohen

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- This year, through the network of 16 food pantries it operates in Mecklenburg County, Loaves and Fishes has distributed one week’s worth of food each to more than 70,000 poor people, nearly double the total in 2000.

“Our pantries are working much harder,” says Beverly Howard, executive director.