Calendar created for drives

By Todd Cohen

The Major Campaign Review Board, an 11-year-old voluntary effort by Triangle funders to help local nonprofits plan and schedule capital campaigns, is being replaced by a campaign calendar at the Web site of the Triangle Community Foundation – and free advice from local fundraising professionals.

The new calendar includes campaign plans that nonprofits can post at the site.

Smaller nonprofits planning campaigns can contact the Triangle Community Foundation for referral to members of the Triangle chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals willing to offer free consulting.

Keith Burwell, the foundation’s executive vice president, says the review board was scrapped because it found that nonprofits “simply ignored it and pushed ahead with campaigns, which put many nonprofits in competition with one another, sometimes unknowingly.”

What’s more, he says, funders weakened the review board by making contributions to nonprofits that ignored it.

With the setup, he says, “nonprofits and funders can look at the calendar and can see what’s coming and schedule or budget accordingly.”

The free advice that local fundraising professionals will provide for small nonprofits is designed to replace the scrutiny of campaign plans that the review board had provided, Burwell says.

The new system will give nonprofits “a guide for how they want to run their campaign and when they want to run it,” he says. “They can honestly and realistically understand the expectations in front of them and what they’re going to be facing.”

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