Letter to the editor – Charities face huge challenges

To the editor,

You succinctly and powerfully portrayed the conflicted feelings of many people in your recent column, “Charity needs a champion,” I second your reading that charities are both a huge asset and are facing massive challenges.

The federal and state financial crises, combined with slowing private giving, are part of the reasons our challenges are so difficult.

It’s the voluntary sector that drives our society and makes our democracy, our country, and our world the kind of place we want it to be.

The third sector holds governments’ feet to the fire, can challenge the excesses of business, and helps both government and business to meet their responsibilities to build the kind of democracy and society that encourages inclusion, participation, opportunity, hope, and compassion.

Individuals have a responsibility, too.

American participation in elections and first-hand personal involvement in causes are not where they should be. We know that so many feel a sense of cynicism and don’t believe that their actions and involvement make a difference.

If we want our society and our charitable sector to be strong, we have to help restore confidence that participation and engagement make a difference.

I look forward to partnering with nonprofit organizations, businesses, and governments across this country and around the world to achieve our common mission of a strong and vibrant democracy with hope and opportunity for all.

Diana Aviv, Washington, D.C.

Diana Aviv is incoming president and CEO of Independent Sector.

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