Nonprofitxpress roundrup – Donors flex clout

* Philanthropists are acting tougher, arguing publicly with groups they support over how their gifts are spent, The New York Times reported March 29.

* The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged $60 million to help develop experimental creams, known as invisible condoms, to prevent transmission of the AIDS virus among women in developing countries, the Washington Post reported April 1.

* The suspended chief of HealthSouth Corp. donated millions to a philanthropy he created at a time the government claims his firm was overstating profits to enrich him personally, the Associated Press reported March 28.

* Zero Hunger, an effort to raise $1.5 billion over four years to end poverty in Brazil, is attracting the support of a growing number of firms, including IBM, Ford Motor, Bayer and Unilever, The New York Times reported March 30.

* Congressional investigators say charities get less value from donated cars than donors expect, partly because charities sometimes action the cars at wholesale prices and get less than the donor calculated at fair market value, The Wall Street Journal reported April 2.

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