Nonprofitxpress roundup – Charity collector folds

Here are the week’s nonprofit headlines:

* Pipevine, a San Francisco firm that managed charitable giving through payroll deduction for big companies and worked with United Ways, shut down Monday, citing serious cash shortages, The New York Times reported June 4. The firm, which left some charities hanging, blamed its collapse on accounting problems, the Times reported June 5.

* Caroline Kennedy, who last fall started working as fundraiser for New York City’s public schools, also wants to boost volunteerism in the schools and create a citywide alumni association and new arts curriculum, The New York Times reported June 4.

* A former in-house lawyer for Tyco International who in July 2000 got $2 million toward a $12 million bonus that prosecutors say bought his silence about the firm’s looting by its former CEO gave most of the payment to a small Catholic college in California and to a Catholic pro-life group in Washington, D.C., The Wall Street Journal reported June 4.

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