Nonprofitxpress roundup – Charities fear PipeVine fallout

Here are the week’s top nonprofit stories.

* Some nonprofits say the collapse PipeVine, a nonprofit that processed more than $100 million a year in charitable donations for United Ways and Fortune 500 firms but says it mistakenly spent some donations on its own operating expenses, could discourage donors, the San Francisco Chronicle reported June 10. California Attorney General Bill Lockyear has started investigating PipeVine, The New York Times reported June 7.

* The Nature Conservancy, which recently apologized to Congress for misreporting the terms of a loan to its chief executive, gave 11 housing loans to employees over the last decade, including five not charged interest, the Washington Post reported June 13.

* The American Enterprise Institute, a think-tank with close ties to the Bush administration, are taking aim at international nonprofits with a “liberal” or “progressive” focus, Asia Times Online reported June 14.

* Citigroup and a Boston nonprofit have joined forces to provide U.S. homebuyers with up to $3 billion in low-cost financing over 10 years, Reuters reported June 12.

* After giving $1 billion over 15 years to promote democracy in Russia, financier George Soros says his mission there is over, the Washington Post reported June 10.

* A bill in Congress to require foundations to give more to charity has prompted mix reactions among Jewish philanthropists, The Jewish Week reported June 13.

* The Pittsburgh Foundation is offering donor-advised funds a new option that lets unlimited successor generations to the donor advise the funds on making grants, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported June 12.

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