Charities squeezed

Most nonprofits in the U.S. are feeling the sting of government budget cuts, rising health costs and reduced fundraising, says a project that polled 1,000 nonprofits.

Sixty-three percent of charities say federal, state and local budget cuts pose a “very significant challenge”, says the Nonprofit Listening Post Project at the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies and its partner organizations.

Fundraising difficulties worried 80 percent of nonprofits, and rising health costs were pressuring 60 percent.

In response, many nonprofits are using new fundraising techniques and seeking new ways to measure performance.

“While some observers are criticizing nonprofits for not being ‘entrepreneurial’ or responsive, our first Listening Post ‘sounding’ shows that they are already moving in that direction,” says Lester Salamon, center director.

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