Nonprofitxpress roundup – Bush taps AmeriCorps chief

Here are the latest nonprofit headlines:

* President Bush will nominate David Eisner, a former vice president of AOL Time Warner, as chief executive of the parent agency of AmeriCorps, the Washington Post reported July 12. Congress will vote on a measure approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee to give AmeriCorps $100 million to restore 20,000 volunteer positions, the Post reported July 10.

* Because of litigation with the Franklin Mint, the Princess of Wales Memorial Fund is freezing payments to 120 charities, The New York Times reported July 11.

* Most income-generating business ventures started by nonprofits are successful and do not detract from the groups’ mission, says a new study, Bizjournals reported July 14.

* The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has given more than half of its $6.2 billion in gifts to improving health in developing countries, rivaling the World Health Organization and Unicef, The New York Times reported July 13.

* Warren Buffet auctioned himself as a lunch date to raise $250,100 for the Glide Foundation, and will accept three more similar offers, the Los Angeles Times reported July 14.

* Over $2 million in profits from rock guitarist Carlos Santana’s U.S. tour will go to Artists for a New South Africa to fight AIDS, Reuters reported July 15.

* A federal appeals court ruled Connecticut could remove the Boy Scouts from a charity contribution list for a payroll-deduction plan for state employees, Infinity Broadcasting reported July 11.

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