Nonprofitxpress roundup – Nonprofits get tax advice

Here are the latest nonprofit headlines:

* With many U.S. cities trying to lift tax exemption for some nonprofit property and asking nonprofits to make payments in lieu of property taxes, the National Council of Nonprofit Associations has released a report to help nonprofits address property tax issues.

* United Way of the National Capital Area posted on its web site an audit that showed questionable spending, prompting praise for its candor but fear for negative publicity, the Washington Post reported August 13.

* Many charities now accept real estate donations, and are hiring staff with real estate expertise to handle such gifts, The Wall Street Journal reported August 13.

* The Managed Funds Association updated a guide of sound business practices for hedge funds, which are widely used for university endowments and other nonprofit investments, The Wall Street Journal reported August 13.

* Most California immigrants, who often struggle to understand doctors’ orders or prescriptions, do not know they have the right to an interpreter when seeking medical care, says a poll by New California Media. Most California immigrants rely on foreign language media for health care information, prompting calls for the media to take a bigger role in alleviating these health care problems, the poll says.

* Australians gave less to charities in 2002 than during the previous two years, with 2002 fundraising revenue up just 1 percent, far less than the inflation rate, The Age reported August 10.

* UNICEF says it often partners with faith-based and religious groups worldwide because they have more influence than do health workers in many countries.

* During the past four years, wealthy people steadily have grown more pessimistic about their financial future, and increasingly describe themselves as savers not investors, The Wall Street Journal reported August 13.

* A survey found just 29 percent of Irish charities have an ethical investment policy, although 65 percent wanted to learn more about ethical investment, RTE News reported August 6.

Compiled by Jennifer Whytock.

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