Letter to the editor – Tax cuts help spur growth

To the editor:

Why would you attack the president in an article that was supposed to be about 9/11?

The tax cuts help stimulate the economy, which eventually creates more jobs, and more money for people to donate to charities — and less people who need help in the first place.

The 1990’s were funded by the tax cuts in the 80’s, and charities got a record number of donations. 

The whole point of charities is to address social concerns that the government is not capable of doing or shouldn’t be doing.

Ben Franklin, a founder of this nation, did not rely on government.  He got together with his community and started countless organizations to improve life in Philadelphia.

The government is supposed to take care of the general welfare, and that’s it.

We the people, with our own interests and motivations, then support the causes we care about, and thus provide the passionate action that gets things done.

If you think the government is the best means to provide quality of life, just ask the former Eastern Bloc countries if they prefer life today or 20 years ago. 

— Sam Goldenberg, Philadelphia, Pa.

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