Nonprofitxpress roundup – Faith funding eased

Here are the latest nonprofit headlines:

* The Bush administration completed regulations that bypass Congress and make it easier for religious groups to get federal funding for social-welfare programs, The New York Times reported Sept. 23.

* The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave $168 million to treat and prevent malaria, which kills over 1.2 million people worldwide each year, The Wall Street Journal reported Sept. 22. The foundation also gave $51.2 million to create 67 small, public high schools in New York City, part of $590 million the foundation has given in the U.S. for small schools, The New York Times reported Sept. 18.

* Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen gave $100 million to the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle to map the brain at the cellular level and make the data available publicly, reported Sept.17.

* Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared at a fundraiser last year for his charity, Inner-City Games, and two others, in exchange for a donation to his California Proposition 49 after-school initiative, a deal that charity experts say is not illegal but should have been disclosed, the Los Angeles Times reported Sept. 25. None of $260,000 raised at the event reached the charities because it disappeared in a charity fraud organized by the event’s organizer, Aaron Tonken, who faces federal criminal charges, the Times said. Federal and state agents are investigating the event.

* Proposition 54, an initiative on the Oct. 7 California ballot that would bar state government from classifying people by race, ethnicity, color or national origin, could hurt nonprofits because 84 percent of California foundations use those classifications when making grants, a new study says.

* Recent disasters in Canada such as SARS, mad-cow disease and extensive wildfires have hurt the economy and stretched thin Canadian nonprofits already suffering from declining donations, higher expenses and increased demand for aid and services, the Globe and Mail reported Sept. 20.

— Compiled by Jennifer Whytock

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