Opinion/Todd Cohen on change – Technology sparks innovation

By Todd Cohen

Charities need to plug in.

By putting hardware, software and the web to work, charities can work better, smarter and together.

Consider an effort to help charities in Central Ohio make more productive and strategic use of technology.

Spearheaded by a local entrepreneur and United Way, a collaborative is reshaping the role technology plays at local charities.

The goal is to help charities use technology to streamline and integrate their business systems, and build those systems into their business planning.

The initiative also is mapping tech needs and use at local charities so they can track the impact of changes in the way they use technology.

And it aims to help charities make technology pay for itself.

The collaborative is betting that technology can spark charities to retool how they think, work and thrive, and help them build bridges with key partners such as business and government.

By reaching out to find ways to build technology into their planning and operations, charities can create a new model of enterprise geared to address the urgent needs our communities face.

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