Memphis generous

Memphis residents give more to charity and to religious groups than the national average, a new study says.

Households in Memphis gave $2,283 on average to charity in 2002, compared to $1,470 given by households throughout the U.S., says the report by the AAFRC Trust for Philanthropy in Indianapolis and the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.

Nearly two of three households surveyed gave to religion, compared to less than half of households throughout the U.S.

Total contributions to charity by individuals, foundations, corporations and estates in Memphis totaled$1.39 billion in 2002, and nearly 80 percent of the money stayed in the region to support local charities and religious groups, the report says.

Over three of four Memphis residents ages 18 to 40 made donations to charity, compared to 51 percent of people that age throughout the U.S.

The report, Giving Memphis, is the first to measure total charitable giving from all sources in a region, and to track where the donations go.

The report is modeled on the group’s annual Giving USA report, which tracks giving throughout the U.S.

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