Most relief dollars paid

Report analyzes spending by 9/11 charitable funds.

Nearly two of three 9/11 relief funds have distributed all money they raised, a new report says.

Over 110 large and small 9/11 relief-fund groups, which have raised $2.9 billion and given out $2.2 billion, participated in a survey by the Foundation Center in New York.

The groups most often provided direct financial aid or long-term services, such as mental health, employment, legal, health and financial services.

The money and services went mostly to the families of those injured or killed in the attacks, followed by those that suffered direct economic losses.

Of the groups surveyed, 60 percent said they were somewhat restricted by the intent of donors, while 22 percent received entirely unrestricted donations.

The majority of groups spent no donation money on administrative costs, or kept administrative costs under 5 percent of money raised.

The report, which also includes an analysis of the 40 largest funds, aims to address questions the media and general public have asked about how quickly money was distributed and who ultimately benefited from the philanthropic response to the 9/11 disaster.

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