Time to take time

By Todd Cohen

Change takes time, and it is time for charities to change.

Charity boards and funders need to invest in fixing their organizations so they can do a better job fixing social problems.

Because social ills need attention now, charities face the tough task of delivering client services while retooling operations.

Many charity boards and funders want quick results but will not help gear charities for long-term impact.

Instead of demanding instant change, and focusing on high-profile programs and trendy causes, boards and funders should provide the money and know-how charities need, and the time, to be effective and innovative.

The marketplace can hurt organizations not equipped to handle competition, growth and change.

What’s more, says a study by researchers at Duke University and the University of Washington, publicly traded firms can hurt themselves over the long haul if they fall prey to pressure to hit short-term earnings goals.

Funders and boards can make a difference if they take time to help charities assess their operations, and then give them the support and time they need to take on the tough jobs of healing and repairing our communities.

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