School on move

Randolph Community College retools fundraising.

By Todd Cohen

ASHEBORO, N.C. [03.08.04] — Randolph Community College in Asheboro is revamping its development operation.

The school has hired a vice president for development and a grantwriter, undertaken a $126,000 annual drive and is planning to launch an alumni association.

The $7.5 million-asset RCC Foundation also is reorganizing its board and will create a planned giving committee to begin a program to develop deferred gifts.

“We are putting in place a program to energize the foundation,” says Robin C. Johnston, a management consultant and marketing veteran who began work Oct. 1 as vice president for development at the school and executive director of its foundation.

The development operation initially will focus on raising $126,000 in its annual fund to support the “Success Center,” a new initiative the school will launch this fall to work with current and prospective students.

Chaired by Ken Leonard, vice president in Asheboro for BB&T, the drive already has sought major gifts from the boards of the foundation and the college and currently is soliciting contributions from staff and faculty.

The drive, which soon will approach students and local supporters, already has raised $26,000, half of which will be matched by the state.

The foundation, which had not had an executive director for over a year, is increasing to six from four the number of times it meets a year.

Headed by Joanna Lee, human resource manager for Automatic Vending Service and AVS Catering in Asheboro, the board also will focus its fundraising on unrestricted donations.

“One thing the college needs is unrestricted funds to have the flexibility to adapt and change programs to meet changing needs,” Johnston says.

He also aims to refocus the foundation’s mini-grant program that funds innovative ideas by faculty and staff to improve the school’s effectiveness, and its “ambassador” program that funds books and tuition for four students a year who help spread the word about the school.

In his role as vice president for development, a new position, Johnston also oversees marketing and institutional effectiveness for the school.

This fall, he expects to institute a new marketing plan that will aim to build “one-to-one” relationships with prospective students and community partners.

He also is overseeing the school’s “continuous improvement” program that was launched last summer. Each administrative and faculty group will establish an improvement initiative each year to meet one or more of four strategic priorities the school has set — meeting community needs, providing exemplary customer service, ensuring institutional effectiveness and fostering student success.

Susan Milner, a former grantwriter at Randolph Hospital, has joined the school as grantwriter and will tailor her grant requests to meet funding priorities set by the faculty and staff administrative council in sync with those four strategic priorities,

The school also is gearing up for its first gala dinner and juried photo competition this May, and for its 25th anniversary celebration this fall, when it plans to launch an alumni association.

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