Tree partnership

Bank teams up with advocacy group to cultivate urban greenery.

By Todd Cohen

ASHEBORO, N.C. [03.15.04] — The value of urban trees is the focus of a partnership between First National Bank & Trust Co. and Trees Asheboro, a newly formed tree advocacy group.

The bank and citizens group, founded by long-time residents Tim Womick and Owen George, are teaming up to raise awareness among citizens, business leaders and municipalities about the need to sustain and grow urban trees responsibly.

The two organizations also are co-sponsoring the planting of 12 trees in Asheboro parks throughout the year, starting with the planting of a live oak in Bicentennial Park in midtown Asheboro.

And to celebrate North Carolina Arbor Day on May 19, the two organizations will distribute to every student in the Asheboro City Schools system bookmarks, printed in both English and Spanish, with information about trees and how to plant and maintain them.

Downtown Asheboro is short on greenery, which can provide shelter, reduce air pollution and prevent soil erosion, says Greg Spainhour, regional banking manager.

“The partnership with Trees Asheboro,” he says, “is a way of educating the next generation.”

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