The board’s role

Readers respond to question about how to strengthen nonprofit boards. Training, development, leadership needed. Let us know what you think. Click here to join our online discussion on this important issue, or submit a letter to the editor or guest opinion column.

[04.01.04] Training, training, training All Board Members in every nonprofit organization would benefit from ongoing board training. Just as doctors, lawyers, teachers, and accountants must continue their “learning” in order to stay abreast of the latest techniques, policies and processes, and legal and ethical issues of their professions, so should board members remain fully knowledgeable of the trends, challenges and opportunities they face in the critical role they play. My advice: training, training, training. Cathy Lee, C Lee Consulting, Birmingham, Ala.

Board development The board needs to have board development in these main areas: * Policy and governance making. * Board vs. staff responsibilities. * Financial management and oversight. * Fundraising responsibilities, techniques, and strategies. Deborah Weber, executive director, Lincoln Arts Council, Lincoln, Neb.

Buy-in, leadership Our board has to buy into the organization and its mission. Also, they must understand their roles as employers if not leaders of the corporation. Maria Alvarez, executive director, The Jazz Institute of New Jersey, New Brunswick, N.J.

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