Hewlett discloses criticism

Here are the top nonprofit stories this week:

* The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation has raised nonprofit eyebrows by posting a survey of charities’ sometimes critical attitudes about its work on its web site at hewlett.org, The New York Times reported April 23.

* Congressional watchdogs say they will look hard at a “troubling” charity fundraiser Democrats will hold the week of their presidential convention in Boston, The Hill reported April 27.

* The NonProfit Times has launched an online poll asking nonprofits how they will vote in the presidential election this fall.

* The Internal Revenue Service has reminded charities to avoid political activity barred by IRS rules, the Associated Press reported April 28.

* Habitat for Humanity is finding it more expensive to build homes for the poor because governments in fast-growing regions are imposing tougher building codes, the Associated Press reported April 24.

* The Pew Charitable Trusts, which are converting to a public charity from a private foundation, are merging their polling, research and information projects, The New York Times reported April 27.

* Harvard is getting $10 million from publisher Mortimer Zuckerman to support professionals seeking public health, education and government degrees, The New York Times reported April 30.

* Rollins College received a $93.3 million bequest, its largest ever, the Associated Press reported April 15.

* The money manager who invests endowment funds for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is quitting in a dispute with the board overseeing the fund, The News & Observer in Raleigh reported April 23.

* The national watchdog for charities in Britain issued new guidelines on campaigning and political activity, and a national charity group urged charities to push for a legitimate role in politics, The Guardian reported April 29.

* The National Council for Voluntary Organizations in Britain has launched a three-year effort to help charities strengthen their employment practice and staff recruitment and retention, The Guardian reported April 28.

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