Afraid of the truth

Journal prints skewed opinions on abstinence-until-marriage issue.

To the editor,

[05.05.04] — It has come to our attention that the writers of your journal are afraid of the truth.

The truth, that is, that abstinence until marriage is the only means of prevention against unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases for young people.

It seems that your journal holds a consistent record of printing the skewed opinions of those who would have 15-year-olds taught how to put a condom on a banana.

Though many would love to return to the “free love” ideas of the 60s, the dangers of promiscuous sexual behavior today are too grave to force upon our children.,

The writings of Mr. Todd Cohen and Ms. Ann Farmer [“Avoid fear, falsehood”], for example, suggest that it is far more “reasonable” to expect teens to have sex than to teach them that they are worth waiting for.

Since unmarried sexual involvement and multiple partners places a person at the highest level of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, is it not in our children’s best interest to teach them to wait until they are married to have sex?

Some have called the message of abstinence “intolerant.”

They are right. We are intolerant of those ideas that would harm our kids.

Studies show that sex before marriage places people at a higher risk of sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, depression and economic poverty.

Our kids deserve better than that. They deserve the chance to lead a healthy, happy life.

Leslee. J. Unruh, president and founder, National Abstinence Clearinghouse, Sioux Falls, S.D.

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