Pay probes in works

Here is the week’s top nonprofit news:


* Federal and state regulators are investigating nonprofit pay, with the IRS set to contact hundreds of nonprofits this summer, and possibly audit some of them, The Wall Street Journal reported May 25.

* The working poor in the U.S. face big challenges, with more than 28 million Americans, or roughly one-fourth of the U.S. workforce ages 18 to 64, earning less than the federal poverty level of  $9.04 an hour, or $18,800 a year, for a family of four, BusinessWeek reported in its May 31 edition.

* The top U.S. housing official told Congress the federal government had found $150 million to help housing agencies deal with cuts in the main government housing program for poor Americans, The New York Times reported May 21.

* The N.J. Senate OK’d a bill to let sex-abuse victims sue churches and other charities, the Associated Press reported May 20.

* Arts organizations can find it tough to find black board members and donors, The New York Times reported May 25.

* A federal judge froze nearly $7 million in assets of a Utah charity suspected of defrauding schools throughout the U.S. on fitness equipment, the Associated Press reported May 22.

* The Salvation Army says passage of a bill requiring New York City contractors to offer health benefits to gay and unwed spouses of New York staffers could prompt it to close soup kitchens feeding tens of thousands of the city’s homeless, The Gay Financial Network reported May 24.

* The head of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation is leaving after 15 years, the Associated Press reported May 22.

* With backing from musical acts Coldplay and George Michael, UK-based Oxfam will be the first charity to launch a music download site, Guardian Unlimited reported May 24.

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