Charity crackdown coming

Here are this week’s top nonprofit stories:

* The IRS will examine 400 foundations to see if they meet tax laws, and  legislation will be proposed this fall to tighten federal and state charity regulation, boost board oversight, toughen penalties for conflicts of interest and other tax-law violations, and strengthen disclosure, The New York Times reported June 23.

* Arts fundraising is getting tougher, with states cutting arts funding 39 percent, corporate funding decreasing because of consolidation and greater focus on using corporate giving to promote business, foundations wanting measurable results, and ticket sales and admissions fees declining, The New York Times reported June 19.

* Under pressure to curb soaring profits, nonprofit Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurers are limiting growth in their health-care premiums, triggering a wider slowdown in premium increases for some consumers and employers, The Wall Street Journal reported June 21.

* Fundraising has been tougher for Catholic Charities, the social-service arm of the Catholic Diocese of Boston, in the face of controversy over gay marriage that has led some Catholic families to choose their sons and daughters over the church, The Boston Globe reportedJune 24.

* A study says nonprofits are creating jobs in Maryland more rapidly than for-profit firms, nearly one in 10 jobs in the state, or 224,000 in 2002, The Baltimore Sun reported June 21.

* A study says the typical big charity in Baltimore raises more and spends more than big charities in other major U.S. cities, the Baltimore Sun reported June 22.

* A study says South Florida’s biggest charities are among the best in the U.S. in fundraising and have grown more efficient but still spend more than charities elsewhere to raise money, The Miami Herald reported June 19.

* Fundraisers say charities could lose a lot of income under new rules that aim to make street fundraising easier, The Guardian reported June 23.

* The Home Secretary in Britain has launched a Community Newswire service to deliver news from voluntary and community groups to the regional press, The Guardian reported June 17.

* The British government has given 72 million pounds, or $131 million, to a new initiative to help the voluntary sector build its internal operations and deliver more services, The Guardian reported June 25.

* A drive has been launched in China to select “charity pioneers” from multinational firms to boost development of charity work in the country, Xinhua News Agency reported June 22.

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