Budget cuts

House, not Easley, proposed cuts for kids.

To the editor,

Regarding the correction by Carmen Hooker Odom, North Carolina secretary of health and human services, [“Setting the record straight”, Philanthropy Journal, 07.08.04] of my editorial [“Hurting kids”, Philanthropy Journal, 06.21.04], I must humbly admit my error.

Governor Easley’s budget did not contain the cuts attributed by me.  Those cuts were proposed in N.C. House budget documents during the debate.

As a physician, I know that I must “first do no harm” when I prescribe a medication.

As a physician leader and advocate for children, words are our remedies, and I must be as careful with words as I am with medications.

In this case, I erred and I apologize.

Governor Easley has been a steadfast supporter of children throughout his terms as attorney general and as governor of our state.

To imply otherwise is a great disservice to him and his record.

Charles F. Willson, faculty member, Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University, and president, North Carolina Pediatric Society.

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