Charities grade themselves

Here are the week’s top nonprofit stories reported elsewhere:

* In the face of moves for tougher policing by federal and state regulators, voluntary programs are being created to evaluate and accredit nonprofits, The Wall Street Journal Journal reported Aug. 18.

* A nonprofit leader says nonprofits should “keep government accountable” by taking part in efforts to toughen regulation of charities, DMNews reported Aug. 12.

* With public financing of the arts shrinking, competition for dollars has grown fierce, with some dance companies auctioning their dancers to sponsors, The New York Times reported Aug. 15.

* The Direct Marketing Association Nonprofit Federation named Mothers Against Drunk Driving the 2004 Nonprofit Organization of the Year, DMNews reported Aug. 13.

* A conservative direct-mail guru says nonprofits use less than half the power of direct marketing because of a lack of professionalism, DMNews reported Aug. 12.

* The ACLU and other groups oppose a rule that charities screen employees against a “watch list” of suspected terrorists or risk losing funds from a federal donation program, the Associated Press reported Aug. 13.

* Charity shops in Britain say they are getting fewer donations because people prefer to sell items on online auction sites such as eBay rather than donate them to charity, the Telegraph reported Aug. 15.

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