NPR gift sparks concern

Here are the week’s top nonprofit stories reported elsewhere:

* As National Public Radio begins spending its $236 million gift from McDonald’s heiress Joan B. Kroc, many local public radio stations in the U.S. wonder if NPR’s growth will help or hurt their operations, The New York Times reported Aug. 30.

* Insurance companies can be organized as or converted to nonprofits, according to a bill signed in California.

* Hollinger International says former CEO Conrad Black used company money for charitable donations to improve his stature in elite society, The New York Times reported Sept. 2.

*  Many British children’s charities are canceling activities or closing because of a surge in insurance premiums, due partly to more liability lawsuits by parents, the Telegraph reported Aug. 28.

* The Irish government is proposing legislation to give the public better information about where their donations go, a move taken in response to a United Nations request that all member countries review charity laws in light of allegations several U.S. charities have funded terrorism, the Irish Examiner reported Aug. 29.

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