Charity bill revived

Here are the week’s top nonprofit stories reported elsewhere:

* Aiming to revive a bill to spur charitable donations, several Republican lawmakers have dropped controversial provisions, backed by President Bush, that would have made it easier for religious groups to get federal funding, The Washington Post reported Sept. 22.

* Harvard University’s endowment, the largest of any university’s, grew to $22.6 billion in June 2004 from $19.3 in June 2003, thanks to a 21.1 percent return on its investments, The New York Times reported Set. 16. Critics have questioned $35 million paid last year to each of the endowment’s two money managers.

* The former president of the New York City-based James Beard Foundation, Leonard F. Pickell, allegedly spent hundreds of thousands of foundation dollars in undocumented and unjustified expenses, its new chairman says, The New York Times reported Sept. 20.

* Over 70 percent of British people polled would rather give their money directly to charities that address poverty, rather than give their money to the government to spend on similar programs for the poor, says a new survey, Charity Times reported Sept. 21.

* Canadians gave $8 billion to nonprofits in 2003, performed two billion hours in volunteer work and signed up for 139 million memberships with nonprofits and voluntary groups, News reported Sept. 20.

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