Nonprofit execs back Kerry

Just over 7 in 10 nonprofit executives in the U.S. support Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, while just over 1 in 4 back President Bush, with only 2 in 100 preferring independent Ralph Nader, a new survey says.

Terrorism is the most important issue among Bush’s nonprofit supporters, while the war in Iraq is the critical issue for Kerry backers, says the survey of 2,121 executives conducted by The NonProfit Times and technology-provider Kintera.

Bush leads Kerry 56 percent to 41 percent among faith-based charities, while Kerry draws his strongest support from nonprofit executives in human services, health and education, the survey says.

Bush leads Kerry only in Mississippi and Nebraska, where Nader draws his biggest share of nonprofit executives, 6.25 percent.

In Florida, where the vote in November is expected to be close, 56 percent of nonprofit executives prefer Kerry.

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