Homeland terrorism

By Todd Cohen

America is lost, and charity needs to help map our future.

We fear terrorists and civic breakdown, yet will not make sacrifices to fix what is wrong.

Our government says fighting global terrorism is critical, but has not linked it to Iraq or sought higher taxes to fight terrorists, and even has cut taxes, mainly for wealthy people.

It also has failed to invest in uprooting terrorism at home – the crushing poverty, poor health and bad schools that deny the American dream to tens of millions of Americans.

Charity must fight for smarter policies to tackle the urgent challenges we face.

It must push for public and private investment to unleash innovative strategies for civic change and social progress.

And it must demand more comprehensive, aggressive, collaborative and honest policies to make us more secure from global terrorism, and to prevent atrocities and preserve and promote liberty abroad.

Freedom is only as safe as our willingness to protect it and to learn from mistakes, take risks, and change.

To become a leading voice for change, charity first must change itself, becoming more efficient, collaborative and entrepreneurial, and ending its conspiracy of silence and blind faith in business as usual.

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