Tech firms team up

By Todd Cohen

Two technology firms are joining forces to integrate their products targeted to community foundations.

The deal with result in the integration of back-office and web-transaction software produced by New York City-based MicroEdge with web-communication and content-management software produced by Neulogic in Columbus, Ohio.

And while they initially will work together by focusing on community foundations, the two firms plan to expand their partnership to serve other markets, including private, family and corporate foundations, government agencies, faith-based organizations and nonprofits, says Ephy Torenberg, CEO and president of MicroEdge.

MicroEdge, with 400 community foundation customers, or roughly 85 of the community foundation market, markets its FIMS software to small and mid-sized community foundations, and its Foundation Power software to large community foundations.

The partnership aims to integrate those products with the Neuance web-communications software that Neulogic markets to community foundations.

That integration will allow foundations to feed their back-office data into their web content and into “personal access pages” that Neulogic has launched for use by the foundations’ donors, grantees and board members, says Dave Brownstein, president of Neulogic.

The Cleveland Foundation has begun piloting the personal access pages.

The partnership also calls for Neulogic to act as a “web integrator” to integrate other MicroEdge products, including IGAM, web-based software that clients can use to accept online grant applications, and Donor Central, a “front end” that clients of FIMS and Foundation Power can use to give donors password-protected access to a secure web site that lets them review their fund balance, grant history and monthly statements, and print their monthly statements and make suggestions about grants.

MicroEdge, which has 2,200 clients overall, including 1,700 private, family and corporate foundations, and 200 nonprofit and other clients, also plans to develop a branded web-site product based on Neulogic’s Neuance software.

Community foundations using VisionMgr, the Neuance software tailored to community foundations, represent 15 percent of the community foundation market, Brownstein says.

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