Nonprofit experts tapped

Independent Sector has formed a group of experts to advise a separate panel it created to help the Senate Finance Committee consider possible changes in regulation of the nonprofit sector.

Co-convenors of the new eight-member Expert Advisory Group are Joel Fleishman, director of the Samuel and Ronnie Heyman Center for Ethics, Public Policy and the Professions at Duke University, and Marion Fremont-Smith, senior research fellow at the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Harvard University.

The new group, which is advising the Panel on the Nonprofit Sector previously created by Independent Sector, includes nonprofit representatives with expertise in fields such as financial accountability, government regulation and tax policy.

Independent Sector created the larger panel at the request of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, which charged the 25-member panel with examining the nonprofit sector and submitting information and recommendations for the committee’s review.

The finance committee requested the panel, made up of representatives of charities and foundations, to aid in the year-long investigation of the sector it is conducting in response to alleged ethical, governance and fundraising lapses among charities and foundations.

The Panel on the Nonprofit Sector will provide initial findings and recommendations to the finance committee by February of next year, with a final report due in the spring.

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