Making memories

Adoption can help make more children get the home they need.

By Suzanne Gibson Wise

Every year, many of us have the privilege of sitting down to a big meal and celebrating Thanksgiving Day with people we love.

Regardless of who is around the holiday table — parents and children, grandparents, aunts and uncles – your “family” is where you are loved.

Sadly, more than 1,200 children in North Carolina won’t be coming home for the holidays. They will pass the day wishing for someone to care because they are waiting to be adopted.

During the last 25 years, Lutheran Family Services in the Carolinas has brought the happiness of building a family to thousands of parents and children.

If you are already a parent, you know the many joys children bring to life.

There is nothing like tucking your child in for the night, watching him sleep or showing her how to do something for the first time to see discovery come alive in her face.

November marks the Thanksgiving holiday, National Adoption Awareness month and National Family week.

Every fall, Thanksgiving is a fitting time to recognize families who have opened their homes and lives to children.

Also, it’s an opportunity to ask those who have considered adoption to take a serious look at how their lives could transform the life of another.

Adopting a child does not require a large bank account or thorough knowledge about being a parent.

The adoption program at Lutheran Family Services offers information, adoptive home studies, counseling, educational programs and post-placement supervision to those seeking to adopt children from the United States and other countries.

As we take time this month to reflect on all the reasons we are grateful, let’s not forget that hundreds of children in North Carolina are waiting for happy memories.

Lutheran Family Services would love to hear from you if you are considering becoming an adoptive parent.

Working together we can make sure that all children have a home for the holidays.

Suzanne Gibson Wise is president of Lutheran Family Services in the Carolinas. For information about adoption, call 919.832-2620 or visit

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