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By John Bingham, Vice President, SunGard Philanthropic and Family Office Solutions

Outstanding service through integration: Closing the loop

The overriding goal of nonprofit institutions like yours is to provide a high level of service while fulfilling your responsibilities as a fiduciary.

Your clientele measures your success by your ability to consistently meet or exceed their demands. These goals may be difficult to maintain if you’re struggling with “home-grown” systems, spreadsheets and external management programs to handle your charitable trust and asset administration.

Even if you’ve invested heavily in fund-accounting and fundraising software, disparate systems can prove to be labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Closing the loop by integrating services and solutions can provide a holistic view of asset management and help you provide outstanding client service.

Connection and integration

Why tie fundraising, fund accounting, and charitable-trust and endowment accounting together?

Although reliable software has been available to nonprofit institutions for fundraising and general-ledger fund accounting, these institutions have lacked the systems to administer investments and charitable trusts.

Through integration, institutions can account for gifts, assets and the donor’s wishes with a comprehensive endowment sub-accounting and charitable-trust administration system.

Creating information in a format that can be exchanged among multiple systems and efficiently address an institution’s unique data-exchange needs, will help nonprofits fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.

Exceptional performance

How can you be sure to offer your clients top-notch service?

  • Perform flow-through processing between your organization and asset managers
  • Access regulatory support for IRS reporting
  • Provide customized institutional and donor reporting
  • Offer Internet access to important data to donors and constituents
  • Deal with complicated cash management
  • Handle many outside asset administrators, investment advisors and managers
  • Monitor sophisticated investment guidelines
  • Account and report for alternative investments, such as hedge funds, private equity, venture capital and limited partnerships, and special assets
  • Measure performance on a sophisticated level

Many community foundations, hospitals, and higher-education, religious and service institutions have integrated their systems to save time, reduce manual effort from redundant data entry, cut back-office expenses, and address a changing regulatory environment.

An integrated solution not only saves time and money, but also facilitates error reduction that is critical to your reputation and your ability to attract donors.

SunGard Philanthropic and Family Office Solutions’ product suite, including general ledger and investment portfolio accounting, allows you to handle the complex structures and wide asset ranges for foundations, plus manage planned giving trusts and permanent endowments. Our automated, integrated solutions provide a holistic view of asset management for you and your donors. 

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