Doing good

To the editor,

Your article reporting on Andrew Goldstein’s Good Ol’ Days Christmas program in Charlotte [“‘Jewish Santa’ stocking up”, Philanthropy Journal, 12.17.04] gave an inspiring portrait of leadership as well as a practical reminder of the creative power of kindness, generosity, cooperation and thrift.

Goldstein, the American Asset Corp. (owner of the Arboreteum shopping center), Goldstein’s food distributor, and the program’s volunteers appear to have put aside the profit-driven self-concerns of commerce to the benefit of the 20,000-plus young people well-fed and blessed with the privileges of prosperity for one day on Christmas.

I’d like to know the opportunity cost to this laudable crew in terms of self-reward profit dollars forgone to deliver this program.

I can’t imagine a number high enough to outweigh the scope and depth of the good they have created in their communities in less than 20 years.

Patrick Carroll, Raleigh, N.C.

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